Multiplatform Restaurant Service Online.

Toque is your direct communication with the Chef to order, request or pay your food or drinks easily with your smartphone.
Control your food diet or money spend by your history data.

How works?

Toque helps hospitality bussiness to be more sustainable and relief the overtime and hard work. No more order mistakes!!

  • Read Qr code and access the Menu
  • Check food or wine info
  • Order, send messege to kitchen if there is any request
  • Your food will come directly to you
  • You can pay your bill or split with other table members
  • Pay with your phone and about touching money

Supporting local NPOS

By using Toque and paying with the app you are helping the community. We are supporting local NPOS for each payment you make with the app

  1. Caring with our Mother Earth
  2. We save cost for papers on traditional menus
  3. You can update a new chef’s special within 5 minutes
  4. NO paper print
  5. NO receipt print. (Unless requested)s

Featured Screens

Some of our screens of this awesome app!

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If you are a restaurant owner then we are happy to introduce you your new staff member!!!!

Never tired or sick and always early to work!

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